Cadaver World's Available Domain Names

Frequently Asked Questions: what's in a name?


What Exactly, Are You Selling?

Goddard World sells more than just a domain.  Each domain is created for business ownership, branding possibilities, and it must be memorable.  Whether a premium, top level domain created for investors looking to add to their portfolio or a longer url with a bit of flair, each is created for branding and marketability.  Anyone can do boring.  Goddard World wants to spark your imagination.


TLD? What?

A TLD is a Top Level Domain.  

There is a hierarchy that comes after the "dot" eg .com or .org.

For example, in the domain name, the top-level domain is com.

There are approximately 1350 TLD's.  Each represents a different purpose or entity type and is regulated, as such.  Unless for a specific purpose, I prefer to create dot coms.  Dot coms were traditionally designated for commerce, this TLD is now available as the most flexible and "general" TDL, available to anyone.   For more information, please visit Wikipedia's excellent explanation, here: (scroll down to Original top-level domains)


Sooo… Premium... Hunh?

To quote GoDaddy:  "Premium domain names are short, memorable, easy-to-spell names that end in a popular extension like .com. These domains tend to cost a lot more than normal domains, because they are more likely to drive traffic to a website."

Please visit their page for more information:

Frequently Asked Questions: How to purchase?


How Do I Buy One?

If you go to the store tab, you will see a list of what is currently, available for sale.  Just click on the picture or the action tab beneath each, to go to the product's individual sale page.  


Why Am I Directed to Afernic for some, And GoDaddy for others? Can I choose One Over The Other?

To afford buyers greater privacy and security, no payments are taken directly, from this website.  

Peace of mind and security are considered non-negotiable.

Each registrar has it's own set of rules.  If a domain has been created within a particular time frame, it can not be sold on, or transferred until that time frame is over.  Some, are lengthy.  For that reason, GoDaddy was selected, so the buyer can create an account with GoDaddy and wave the wait period.  The majority of what is available can be bought by GoDaddy or via PayPal.

Afternic also provides an easily clicked option to purchase the domain, and it is often, simply a matter of choice.  If you are directed to one but prefer the other, go to the contact link and ask for the direct url.

You are always welcome to make contact via the "Contact Us" page for a direct purchase.  

For higher priced items and ongoing negotiations, it is generally best to have your broker get in contact.

Finally, if you see a "Contact To Buy" tab under the domain you prefer, it is likely to direct you to the Godaddy or Afternic page where you can make your purchase.  


So Close But Still No Cigar?... What Now?

Either keep coming back, or get in contact.   Let me know what is missing or what resonates, in the listings you see.  If what I provide is compatible, we will take it from there.  :-)