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You Got The Whole World In Your Hands!??!

Goddard world is the brainchild of left-field crunchy thinker and CEO, Annalise Goddard AKA Hannah Cadaver.

Goddard World believes in strong boundaries that know no limits and finds strength through ethical gain.

"I want to live in a world where respect is given until it is lost.  Dignity and pride depend on it."

Business is personal, so let's keep it that way.

Why take over the world, when you can create your own?


A Little Bit Of History Repeating...

"A Little Bit Of History Repeating" - Propellerheads feat Shirley Bassey. 1997

I helped my father name and brand his business in the mid 1980's.  I was always thinking up business ideas, making up jungles and recording radio shows on my cassette player.  I can not remember an age when I was not doing it.

Growing up in a house with a marketing manager for some big entities, was something I was in awe of.  I bragged to anyone who would listen about the time he took my whole family, to NASA (OK...  OK...  I still do),..  So...  When he liked my suggestion of how to tweak his business name, this was for a teenager, the best validation a girl could get.

The taste for it, never left.  

My Grandmother started businesses during a time and place that were unheard of.  With just a few items and a simply named store, she built what people needed and it thrived.  This has made me proud to be her Granddaughter and I love hearing her stories about her incredible, initiative thinking.

After some great business adventures of my own, I guess it is in the family blood-line."


A Million Dollars For Your Thoughts?

Only if you want to speed up the process.

Blog and partner sites will be coming soon...

(Spoiler alert:  Favourite number = Graham's number...  Getting there in this lifetime...  Not so much).